Dr Hayes, Dr Crawford and their team are heading back to Lebanon in October. This amazing team consists of nurses, doctors and dentists and they are heading back to Lebanon to offer support to those who need it most. The money they want to raise is to buy medicine to take with them or buy there if they can.

Unlike us, these people can’t pop down to a local chemist or supermarket to pick up a cheap packet of paracetamol or medicine of any kind. Medicine is just not available to them and that’s where this brilliant team come in. They will offer free medical and dental clinics, hygiene packs and much needed clothing.

We understand a lot of people are struggling financially at the moment, so no donation is too small! Any amount at all that is donated we will be extremely grateful for 🥰

Dr Hayes and his team want to say thank you to anyone who gave last year – they had an incredible experience and feel truly blessed to be able to go again. This year they are headed to different people groups, mostly refugees but some areas of Lebanon where the Lebanese people are facing really hard times at the moment.

Thank you so much for all your ongoing support ❤️ if anyone would like to donate please click the link below: